In element 1 of this nonfiction series, we delineated the miscellaneous construction of a dimensional exemplary. In the up to date nonfictional prose we shall name the elemental designing morals of magnitude modeling. Dimensional moulding follows the 4 stepladder defined below. A. Selection of the business organization procedure (or processes), the enactment of which shall be monitored. Business processes the operation of which is well thought out critical, and relevant assemblage are sufficient (e.g. dealings accumulation calculated from these processes), should be selected near primacy. The selected firm process, may cogitate to a single-handed structure unit, or spanning more than one organizational section.

The gaining control of related to reports by unlike departments which can head to heaps versions of truth, is avoided through the seizure of a azygos collection canal for an 'end-to-end' procedure. B. Determination of the stratum of item at which the course of action shall be monitored (also titled corpuscle dispatch note). The molecule account is the eldest tactical maneuver in a magnitude worthy design. Examples of grain pronouncement are:· Each commodity sold-out (meaning: an foyer shall be created in the certainty table for respectively trade goods sold)o Each new resource covenant (e.g. life insurance treaty) o The each day snapshot of the unoriginal in a pharmacy

o The assembled takeover of all facts of a selling which has been complete in more than one ladder (e.g. the lifecycle of a tax transaction: tax affidavit subject matter - affidavit normalize - tax clearance - giving - terminal compensation)

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Based on the corpuscle statement, one can deduct the facts which should be keep in the certainty array as economically as the 'surrounding' dimensions.

The even of subtlety captured should be the lowest likely (atomic plane). The worst smooth of detail, includes the meticulous influence of informational dimensions attached to an event.

As presently as a difficult rank of trifle is selected, by aggregating atomic data, undisputed case dimensions are gone astray.

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Dimensional models aim to invasion measurements, reported to the way an Analyst views data:o Events that took point at a unshakable flash in event o Periodic measurements which render a shot of the position at a given minute in time

o Complete outlook of a retailing which had more than one stairs (did not activate and implement at a single-handed case)

C. Selection of the dimensions which manner the circumstance framework, inside which the measurements were made. Common examples of dimensions are: date (or case) at which the event took place, Customer, product, limb organization. The objective explanation of the rank of grain facilitates the option of dimensions. The lower the even of detail, the better off the set of dimensions which lead the facts. D. Preliminary self-control of the investigating methods to be implemented. Selection of the key show indicators (KPI) for all monitored commercial procedure. Identification of the facts necessary in decree to infer these indicators. Given that conditions change, further facts may be hand-picked to be captured. These facts should tell to the selfsame even of fact.

The dimensional quintessence should be plastic enough, in proclaim to allow its emerging improvement with new facts in the certainty tabular array and new magnitude attributes. Copyright 2006 - Κostis Panayotakis

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