In January I played out two weeks in Cuba, and until that time I went I saw
the picture "The Power of Community - how Cuba survived Peak Oil"

Cuba suffered an scheme disaster when the Soviet Union collapsed
in 1990. For the erstwhile 30 time of life it had been receiving
substantial support, together with exact aid and cheap
oil in chemical phenomenon for refined sugar. All this stopped almost long.
For the self 30 old age the United States has operated a trade
embargo and move ban antagonistic Cuba, and this continues to the
present day.

Cuba has many oil of its own, though not well-nigh plenty for
transport, physical phenomenon colleagues and - essentially - fertilizer
and chemical amount produced. At the incident of the Soviet collapse
Cuba was using more fertilizer per acre than the US;
agricultural industry inhumane dramatically. Food allocation was
introduced but the people began to go through from hunger.
The motion picture shows how thumping situation farms were ground up into
individual co-operatives and how both thin segment of overland in
the cities was turned ended to growing vegetables. With no
fertiliser, business enterprise had to be organic, and next to no matter for
tractors, bovine and horses returned to the territory. Farming became
labour-intensive; more and much folks became farmers.

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In the premature 90s force cuts were customary - durable up to 24
hours. If empire could get to carry out (and carrying was severely
disrupted) they often had zip to do because at hand was no
power. It's lone in the closing few old age that physical phenomenon cuts
have largely disappeared. The antidote has move in 3 ways.
First, the aging political unit installation has been superseded to a large
extent by location a lot of section generators to replace
the few ample dominance stations and the nuclear station that the
soviets ne'er fattened. (Not CHP - in that environmental condition you just
don't call for the heat!) Secondly the elected representatives has managed
demand, and you don't see fibre bulbs anyplace - they're all
CFL's. There is likewise a system to renew home appliances
with more high-octane ones. (But Cuba is a second-rate country, and the
volume of national appliances essential be teensy.) Thirdly, Fidel -
or Raoul - is now big chums next to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela which
has heaps of oil. (This is fortunate, as all generating plants,
large and small, give the impression of being to be oil -fueled.) Cuba has sent 20,000
doctors to Venezuela and receives oil in tax return. I've not been
able to learn whether this is as a great deal as Russia used to

There is lifeless a haulage quirk exacerbated some by oil
shortages and by the denial of spare surroundings for vehicles. Mass
transit is just that: those chock-a-block into commodities lorries.
Government vehicles of all kinds are appointed to take
hitch-hikers, and yellow-uniformed ride coordinators are
stationed at the squad of the highway to ensure that they do. Cuba
was one of the prototypic Latin-American countries to have railways.
They are stationary there, but like the anchorage ground they are long-range overdue
for repairs and keep.

So has Cuba proudly survived Peak Oil? The country
certainly suffered an oil disclosure with extensive consequences,
and while belongings are advanced than they were in the azoic 90s
people say that things are fixed not what they were until that time the
Soviet Union collapsed. The on-going US embargo has unbroken to
make property difficult, then again illogically Cuba nonmoving buys
millions of dollars of nutrient from the US, and Cuban expands in the
States too send away in the order of $1billion put money on house respectively time period. With only
11m citizens in 111,000 km2, [UK 60m - 242,000km2] the province has
the latent to be self-sustaining in agriculture, but the
command reduction has been unable to deliver the goods this. The 2006 Annual
Economic Review summary that MP's at the Economic Committee
complain of toil skill complications which pb to low
productivity, debauchery and waste.

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Do we have a pedagogy for the midday sleep of the world? The international will
suffer same problems from Peak Oil, but it is doubtful that
they will develop pretty as rapidly as they did in Cuba. The most
important variance is that Cuba has replaced its Russian oil,
at smallest to some extent, beside Venezuelan oil. The worldwide doesn't
have that chance.

On a intercontinental scale, when the oil's gone, it's gone!

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