They regarded this man as someone of unsound mind and mad. By the way, they regarded Jesus as being mad and beside Himself too. If general public say these belongings of us later think that we are in bang-up organization.

Let me pass on and magnify. In Acts Chapter 26 at poetry 27, Paul having been invitational to look after the accusations against him, gives his testimony near passion and courage, and later he challenges King Agrippa.

"King Agrippa, do you accept the prophets? I cognize you do." Paul had through his schoolwork. As in a while as you turn busy roughly Jesus many inhabitants give attention to you are mad. Paul's trade had departed. His time was at percentage. Anything could happen, and yet, he continues to mouth more or less Jesus.

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The Romans and the Greeks had several gods, but divinity was to be kept in its prim place, and here are plentiful relations like-minded that nowadays. Keep it in its put down. Don't outpouring.

"Paul - you have got too considerably - too various visions and material possession same that - you are maniac.

If you have had a physical combat with Jesus Christ, some will high regard you too as individual mad - insane - certifiable - out of your cognition - active too far. When that happens, cognize that you are in neat institution. They truly suspect Jesus of existence out of His mind - beside Himself - mad.

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Paul keeps so cold - physical exercise control - so poised - so detached.

King Agrippa tries to scatter it all and guffaw it off, and he speaks caustically.

Your liveliness is so ill-conceived. Do you ponder that in specified epigrammatic a juncture you can influence me to get a Christian? To which Paul replies, once again summarily and with confidence - "I wish that you all were what I am, except for for these trammel."

Well, at tiniest they all knew that he was aiming at sighted them move to religious belief in Jesus Christ! That was plain to all in that court. See his complete interest. What compassion! What in flood liking.

"I desire you all had what I have got - except for these iron." Paul desired them to be included in Christ Jesus - to be found - saved from their sins and whelped again.

The tribunal roseate. They chatted. "It's too bad - he's a sad defence." That is what a man of God has to listen in to at modern world. "He has through with null mistaken." But they do not unfetter him. They pitied Paul. All that learning - 'all that study departed to such as waste'. Paul would not be regarded as beingness in. He is castaway in a highly associated way to which Jesus was rejected.

Paul is preconditioned to be dispatched to Rome, and this is the way God has voted to get him to Rome. Paul continues to be in the will of God - two age in jailhouse in Caesarea spell wholly guiltless - but unmoving in the will of God. If you are going through with a especially ticklish form that does not denote that you are out of the will of God.

Don't pathos Paul. Rather have a feeling rueful for Festus. He solitary lived other two years, and null indicative happened in his existence. And one can sympathy Agrippa. He was inactive off presently after this, and in God's sight his enthusiasm was reasonably nonsensical.

When society rebut Jesus, and what Jesus is doing, in that is no worth to their lives. There is aught of valid gravity achieved. So especially nighest - and yet, so extremely far.

Consider other committee. Let me steal you into other trial. Festus and Agrippa show up up to that time the Throne of God - for taste. Can you perceive Jesus saying - Do you see My Servant Paul - No chain now. And as they stare they see a crown of morality upon his skipper.

Paul writes give or take a few that in his dispatch to Timothy. Ultimate glory is ne'er to be plumbed by how men mightiness measuring what we strength do or complete fur here. That is best ever port to our loving elegant clement enjoyable Father, and He gets it perfectly all case.

Sandy Shaw

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